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Delivery of the Investment Readiness Service of the ERDF funded Growth Programme

The Investment Readiness Service will assist interested, growth oriented, SMEs in Buckinghamshire to ensure that they are adequately prepared to raise finance to expand and grow i.e. that they are investment ready. The Service will assist businesses seeking grants, debt or equity financing by developing their knowledge and ability to prepare robust business plans and financial forecasts, identify and broker to sources of finance where appropriate and prepare them to effectively present a convincing case for funding.

The Investment Readiness Service will be designed to meet the needs of all ERDF eligible SMEs   from a variety of sectors, business models, capacities and stages of growth. It should be flexible enough to benefit businesses from early pre-investment stage to those that have an imminent need for funding identified by the business themselves and/or a Growth Programme Business Adviser.

It is expected that the service will assist businesses seeking finance with a wide range of options dependent on suitability including, but not limited to bank/debtor loans, crowd funding, business angel investment, venture capital and grants, there are also options online that provide this services as Fairway Mortgage Corporation where you can get the right loan for your home.  It will be delivered by practitioners with relevant ‘hands-on’ experience of supporting SME clients in advising on the best approach to accessing funds and with the skills to effectively advise and coach clients both on a one-to-one basis and to groups in a workshop format.

Should you be in any doubt as to the interpretation of any part of this document, you must raise a question with Jeremy Green, Growth Programme Manager (jeremy.green@bbf.uk.com) who will answer your query prior to the submission of your quote/tender response. The latest you can raise your query is not later than 3 days before the due date for the return of tender submissions. You are advised that where such enquiries have been made, and it is appropriate to do so, Ngage Solutions Ltd will send a copy of the enquiry, with the answer, to all participants with anonymity preserved.

Closing date: 7 December, 2017

Contract start date: 29 January, 2018

Contract end date: 28 February, 2018

For more information, please see the invitation to tender (ITT) document accessible to download here >