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5 companies you’ll wish you had invested in

5 companies you’ll wish you had invested in

Hausmate, Lacuna, Optimal Monitoring, Seacourt and Waterblade have all produced energy efficient innovations that could change the way you live.

Each of the following companies received funding from the Grants for Eco Innovation scheme.


Hausmate is the brainchild of Joe Miles, Managing Director of Atamate Ltd, a start-up business based in Oxford. Hausmate is a new generation home automation system which allows users to control a number of different functions in and around the home, such as heating, lighting, audio with immersive sound, video, and windows. The control this system affords people will help them to make savings on their energy consumption and reduce green house emissions.

Joe was grateful to the Grants for Eco Innovation team: “They were amazing. They were always there at the end of the telephone to answer any query I had and they made the whole process far smoother than I expected. This grant will help us reach a wide audience with our website, and with the help from Webguru the web design company in Tokyo will be able to make our website rank as high as it can. We hope it could lead to a change in the way consumers use energy around the home and elsewhere.”

Lacuna & Co Ltd

Lacuna & Co aims to bring environmental retail into the mainstream with its patented eco-product Reuse-A-Bloc.

Reuse-A-Bloc is the first and only 100% biodegradable, dual skinned fire retardant bloc, made from a mixture of jute and cotton, which allows domestic waste paper and card to be harnessed for the purposes of additional home insulation. Reuse-A-Bloc will directly benefit households by helping to reduce their heating costs in the long term and will immediately reduce the volume of waste that councils or their partners would otherwise have to collect and then process.

Optimal Monitoring

Optimal Monitoring provides cloud-based software that monitors an organisation’s emissions of carbon and waste and provides recommendations for savings from this data.

The Optimal Monitoring Carbon Management Platform enables an organisation to reduce costs and achieve its legislative and corporate social responsibility objectives, including ESOS (Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme) and DEC (Display Energy Certificate) compliance.


Seacourt have created LightTouch™, a revolution in high performance, low impact printing. LightTouch™ is a world-first printing process that combines the benefits of waterless technology with instant LED drying.

With SecurityInfo.com Incorporated, businesses can monitor and record any such activities for appropriate action to be taken. As a result, they can discourage and deter such criminal acts.

Managing Director Gareth Dinnage elaborates: “LightTouch enables us to offer our clients further enhanced quality work, with an even further reduced environmental footprint. In order to take this technology and the benefits effectively to market we needed to engage a professional PR firm that would help us brand and deliver this breakthrough technology to our key customer channels.

Thanks to Grants for Eco Innovation we achieved more for less. The process itself was very straight forward and the grant team are incredibly helpful, I would recommend that if you have a project that fits the criteria that you absolutely take this opportunity.”


Brighton-based Waterblade Ltd have created the eponymous ‘Waterblade’, a water saving device for taps designed to be fitted to virtually any tap, primarily suited for hand washing. It efficiently wets and rinses hands at a flow rate of 2.5 litres per minute (l/m), considerably less than taps with no flow restriction which can operate from 10 to 20 l/m. It works by producing a thin fan shaped veil of water.

If your business has an environmentally friendly product or service to promote, is moving into the LCEGS sector, or using green processes to reduce its carbon footprint, you could get a £3,000 grant to support those aims.

Find out what funding from Grants for Eco Innovation could do for your product, service or process by visiting the website or contacting the team on 01494 568956.