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A great team has a huge impact

A great team has a huge impact

The Investors in People assessor told me what I already knew when he visited us in January – what a great team of people work at Ngage!

Through the conversations John Hutchison held with over 60% of the staff, he recognised the complete transformation we have gone through, and the radical changes that have been made to our business model over the past two years.

I am proud that together we have faced up to our challenges and tackled them head on, to continue to deliver grant funding to our local businesses.

“Ngage epitomises the Investors in People philosophy of “business improvement through people”, John reported.

In a new world full of uncertainties over grant aided funding due to changes in the political and economic environment,we at Ngage have taken the knocks like everyone else, but we have also looked for new opportunities. It was good to hear John’s perspective on us, as he is observing many organisations who are in denial about the present conditions of austerity.
I can tell it’s more than just a job to the people who work here, and I can assure you that the senior management team will continue to encourage new ideas, listen to everyone and trust the workforce to be creative and innovative.

Finally, John said, “I would like to say to all the staff I interviewed, I found it inspiring to listen to your stories. What you have achieved is very significant. I left you with a hop and a skip!”

It is my privilege to lead such a team who are determined to support the local community they serve.

Philippa Batting

Philippa Batting is Ngage’s Managing Director, to contact Philippa email philippa.batting@ngagesolutions.co.uk or call 01494 568 977