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A wood that pays is a wood that stays

A wood that pays is a wood that stays

We are in the middle of National Tree Week (26 November to 4 December). What better time to announce that Ngage Solutions is working on behalf of the Forestry Commission to invest in the management of our precious woodlands.

I am delighted that The Forestry Commission England has recently introduced a new £10m grant scheme to revitalise woodland management which aims to produce woodfuel by improving roads and access for extraction, making it easier to make a profit from the harvest.

The Woodfuel Woodland Improvement Grant (WIG) is available throughout England but most of the funds are targeted towards to the South East, South West and Cumbria, where there is greater potential for woodfuel supply.

This grant will help to improve the infrastructure of undermanaged woodlands and reduce the costs of marketing timber. As well as supplying the growing woodfuel market from thinnings and other operations, well managed woodland can also produce high quality timber. In turn this management improves the quality of woodlands for wildlife.

I have been appointed as the Programme Manager for Ngage Solutions to coordinate applications from woodland owners and foresters. We will deliver the grant on behalf of the Forestry Commission. Ngage Solutions has a track record as an innovative, not-for-profit deliverer of publicly funded services and economic development projects.

I have always taken a special interest in forestry and particularly in the sustainable economic development of woodlands. I have a good knowledge of forestry, and an in-depth knowledge of the workings of Rural Development Programme for England funded grant schemes.

There is an old phrase that says “A wood that pays is a wood that stays.” This new scheme aims to revitalise the economic viability of sustainable woodland management by helping get timber to market. It will create rural jobs and help grow the green economy.

If you would like to know more, please contact me to discuss your proposed access improvements and I will guide you through the whole application process.”


Contact Mike Furness by email on  mike.furness@ngagesolutions.co.uk  or by telephone 01494 568 970 or  07795 515 413.

Download application forms for Woodfuel WIG online at www.forestry.gov.uk/ewgs-wigwoodfuel

Mike Furness is Project Manager, Woodfuel WIG for Ngage Solutions working on behalf of the Forestry Commission.

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