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Ngage celebrates a decade of impact on local economy

Ngage celebrates a decade of impact on local economy

Why should an Annual General Meeting be a stuffy affair? Instead, we turned the AGM for Ngage Solutions into a birthday party, and celebrated a decade of impact on the local economy.

As I reviewed the journey so far, I realised that as an organisation we had re-invented ourselves several times over in the past 10 years. In fact, over the last 10 years Ngage has worked with nearly 100 partners to positively impact on the local economy. We have evolved into a successful social enterprise whose job is to help businesses succeed, either by managing funding that can be drawn down from public funds or by selling in expertise.

It was a pleasure to introduce to our guests some individuals who had received grants delivered by Ngage, and to hear how they had used this money to develop their businesses. Some of our current project managers also explained their role in business development and shared their aspirations for the future. We also welcomed motivational speaker, Penny Mallory, TV presenter and former rally driving champion to give us even more encouragement to ‘get up and do’!

In the early years our focus was primarily in the contract with Business Link. I can confidently tell you that Ngage never failed to deliver on its funders’ targets. Above and beyond this, in the last 10 years, Ngage has also delivered over £30 million worth of grant funded support (both from UK and European sources) to local businesses , across many diverse sectors.

Examples of Ngage impacts include helping businesses to reduce their CO2 emissions and encouraging farmers to diversify so that they have a viable business model. Ngage has also been involved in assisting individuals considering self employment as a realistic alternative to employment.

Our purpose has always been to add value to our local economic landscape and never has that seemed more important than now, as we trade in some of the most difficult economic conditions that I have ever known. We continue to be dedicated to the delivery of programmes of support that will benefit aspiring entrepreneurs, businesses and communities. We are passionate about helping businesses to perform.

Photos from the evening can be viewed on Flickr at http://www.flickr.com/NgageSolutions