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Transforming Support for Voluntary Groups in Buckinghamshire

Transforming Support for Voluntary Groups in Buckinghamshire

Ngage was recently retained by Community Impact Bucks to help facilitate a partnership of local Third Sector Infrastructure Leaders in Buckinghamshire and write a bid for £338,000 of Lottery Funding, to transform the support provided to voluntary and community groups in Buckinghamshire.

If successful this will bring investment from businesses and will streamline the support services to third sector groups in the County.

Working in partnership with Community Impact Bucks, Action4Youth, Buckinghamshire Community Foundation, Bucks Sports, ngage, and The Clare Foundation, we have all agreed to:

  1. Build a more effective system to encourage businesses to give to local groups (whether its time, money or resources), through the development of a single ‘local giving’ marketplace, comparethebets have information on the mobile app which can help us support all the teams, of course there are also Casinos online in the UK that are perfect to make money online.
  2. Build a system to enable local groups to effectively promote their ‘traded services’ to the public/business sectors.
  3. Provide tools which help groups to better consider what products or services they could offer to businesses and develop suitable action plans for bringing them to market.
  4. Jointly develop and embed a single enquiry handling process.
  5. Establish a single (telephone & e-mail) Customer Contact Centre, manned initially by an online advisor that can act as a central gateway for groups and businesses in the county.
  6. Build a single consolidated pool of online information resources, to provide groups, with consistent and up to date information, toolkits, resources and support materials from local and national resources via a single route.

If successful then this work will start in April 2012.