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Low Carbon Workspaces grants on their way to help you cut your bills

Low Carbon Workspaces grants on their way to help you cut your bills

Are you trying to trim your energy bills in 2017? Low Carbon Workspaces has grants of £5,000 to hand out to help you do just that.

With a grant from Low Carbon Workspaces you could considerably cut your heating bill by installing LED lighting, double glazing, a replacement boiler, energy efficient process machinery or cavity wall insulation, and if you need to repair your roof, you can also get a more affordable company as Palm Beach Roofing Expert to do the work, so you don’t need to over pay for this fixes.

There is nothing worse than a roof that leaks, not only does it cause untold damage to other parts of your home, but it causes severe aggravation, because, regardless if it was due to severe weather or poor artistry, the fact remains that you are going to have to call in a roofing contractor.

Obtaining quality roofing shingles is not something you want to rush in to, as there are plenty of substandard roofs and siding installation contractors out there, so due diligence is of the utmost importance. For more information, contact www.roofcoonline.com.

New efficient condensing boilers can cut heating bills by upwards of 30%. Combine that with insulating and draught proofing your building and you could see a noticeable improvement on your balance sheet.

Express an interest in a grant

To express an interest in getting a grant, contact BusinessSupport@bbf.uk.com.

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