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New grants now available… can your business benefit?

New grants now available… can your business benefit?

Three grants, including two brand new ones both with environmental friendliness in mind, are available to businesses in the South East. So, it now makes it more rewarding than ever to go green.

The two new grants are:

Low Carbon Workspaces

Low Carbon Workspaces aims to help businesses reduce their energy bills and CO2 output by identifying energy efficiency measures at their premises. Match-funded grants of up to £5,000 are available to help implement these measures, which could include energy efficient lighting, cavity and solid wall insulation, efficient boilers, waste heat recovery and double glazing. For more information contact the Low Carbon Workspaces team on 01494 569060 / info@lowcarbonworkspaces.co.uk.

Grants for Eco Innovation

Grants for Eco Innovation helps businesses to promote an innovative green product, service or business process that they have developed. Businesses can be awarded a match-funded grant of up to £3,000, which will go towards the use of marketing agencies through marketing Ideas, web development agencies and sales agents to help bring their innovation to market. For more information about Grants for Eco Innovation contact the Grants for Eco Innovation team on 01494 568956 / info@grantsforecoinnovation.co.uk.

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Sustainable Routes

The third grant is Sustainable Routes which helps businesses cut down on the cost of travel and reduce CO2 emissions. This grant scheme offers match-funding of £1,000 that can pay towards things like laptops or server upgrades to enable remote working, bicycles, storage facilities and showers to encourage active travel or LPG vehicle conversions which reduce the damage done to the ozone layer. For more information contact the Sustainable Routes team on 01494 569061 / info@sustainableroutes.co.uk.

Contact our friendly team to find out how you can get your hands on a grant that should help your business save money.

These grants have been funded through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) by the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG).