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Respect your chickens… they’re going to cost you more!

Respect your chickens… they’re going to cost you more!

The farming sector is in melt down with the lowest crop yields for 15 years and high production, transport and feed costs. Why does this matter to you? Read on to find out.

You may think that farmers’ woes result in you having to pay a bit more for your food.  But as most of us know, only a small proportion of the cost of our bread is related to the wheat price. The rest comes from salaries, transport, equipment and profit for the companies involved.

The real story is not that farming has had the worst year for many years, but how we view the product of their labours. It costs around £8.25 to rear a free range chicken. So if we want good food, if we care about how and where it is has been reared, we will have to pay more for it.  To be sure – Buy a £10 chicken from the farm where it was reared or at a farmers market or the farm shop. You will know exactly what you are getting and eating!

If we are paying more, we may find that we are more respectful towards it. After all, it has to be good to know where your chicken has come from.  It does make you think –   what part of a chicken is used to make chicken nuggets?

Those that cannot afford to buy good produce will see choices remain limited. However, it is interesting but gratifying to learn, that farmers adding value to their produce and selling it direct,  are finding it hard to keep up with demand.

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