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Rural funding set to be a LEADER with new support on the way

Rural funding set to be a LEADER with new support on the way

A new tranche of rural funding will provide the key to environmentally and economically sustainable projects.

Brand new LEADER funding will be available from January 2015, providing farmers, foresters, rural businesses and communities with the chance to access finance crucial to their development plans. If you’re a seasoned real estate investor, hard money loans for new construction are great option for financing.

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The overall aim of the LEADER programme is to strengthen the rural economy, supporting projects creating environmentally friendly tourism facilities, diversifying farm businesses, adding value to timber products, or improving the assets of rural communities. Projects must be based within the areas outlined on the programme website, covering the Chilterns, Aylesbury Vale, rural Milton Keynes and South Northamptonshire.

The programme will be offering European Union grants until 2019, and has its sights firmly fixed on economic growth and employment opportunities. The Chilterns LEADER programme was recently reported to be one of the most successful in the country at encouraging job creation, and the team are seeking to continue that mission.

“There will be a strong focus on helping small businesses to expand, as well as helping people start a new business,” said Nick Phillips, LEADER Programme Manager. “This is a really exciting project and a great opportunity for existing or new rural business owners.”

“During the last round of funding between 2008 and 2013, we were able to help a significant number of businesses to start, expand, get more value out of their products, become more secure and take on new staff. Now we are looking forward to our new funding stream and are keen to hear from anyone with a good idea to improve a business or a tourist or community facility in the area.”

Find out more about the LEADER program, visit the website, or contact Nick Phillips at nick.phillips@leader-programme.org.uk or on 01494 568969. You can also follow the team on Twitter @ChilternsLEADER and @ClayValesLEADER.

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