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Penny Mallory says ‘Take Control and have Passion’

Penny Mallory says ‘Take Control and have Passion’

I wondered if I was in the right place when I was invited to speak at the AGM of Ngage Solutions. First of all it was more like a party, they even hired the toronto photo booth rental, and then I found business people there talking about cutting CO2 emissions, saving energy and sharing cars on their way to work. I have spent so much of my time burning fuel I can’t count myself as very green, but, my story is my story, and that is what I was there to tell.

As a co-presenter of Driven, I spent 5 years laughing. We compared the best car wraps companies in a non technical, non scientific way, and even knocked Top Gear off air at one stage. I found my passion to win when I was a rally driver. I am proud to have competed at world level, and it was a real adventure. In the world or rally driving you have to push yourself. It is a competitive and aggressive world, and I loved it!

But in a business sense I want to ask: what are you chasing? Is it defined? Do you have a plan to get what you want?

To me success can be measured in the number of uncomfortable conversations you are prepared to have. The most important actions are never comfortable.  Maybe you invent things to avoid doing the important things.

If you took control what would happen??

It takes PASSION to be successful. These are some of the lessons I learned along the way:

Know who you are, your values and beliefs. Question what you want and what stops you getting it. What is your purpose? Is it the spark that ignites your motivation?

Passion is the fuel that fires your inner drive and energy. Think about what would excite you. To me boredom is the enemy but passion is the fuel in your tank. Have you ever felt passion? How much do you want to succeed?

Time is limited, so act now to fulfil a promise to yourself. This is your commitment to win. There is no credit. Time is not recyclable or reusable.  Once an opportunity is gone you can’t get it back.

It is important to learn the discipline of taking things one stage at a time. Try to find new perspectives, identify resources and communicate!

Preparation is the key to setting your own pace and limits. Think about how much time you spend in meetings, on email, on voicemail? I suggest you say NO to everything  for two days. Eliminate then delegate.

Positive spin
It is important to think ‘tank half full’. In fact make it a practice to think and speak in positively. It is easier to be positive if you feel good…

Be determined to press on whatever the odds. Believe me winners never quit and quitters never win!

Performance is the measure of action needed to stay on track. Push yourself and find out what you are made of. In rallying I relied on my co-driver for correct information at the correct time. I needed to trust my team. Be careful what you focus on, you will drive into it!

There is Power in the self belief and self motivation that drives you. You have the same brain as Einstein. Believe in your energy and your potential. Have Passion and take control!