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The Eco Technology Show

The Eco Technology Show

What happens when you have 70 workshops, 140 exhibitors and over 4,000 visitors all focusing on the low carbon economy? You get the Eco Technology show in Brighton.

The two-day event attracted visitors from business, local government, and the public, all seeking the latest ideas and innovations from across Europe to help cut carbon and make money at home and for their businesses.

James Golding-Graham and Luke Faulkner, Project Managers for Ngage Solutions were at the event to showcase Ngage’s grant programmes, Low Carbon Workspaces, Grants for Eco Innovation and Sustainable Routes.

Highlights from the show included a talk from Greg Barker, Minister of State for Energy and Climate Change on how businesses in the UK can lead the way to sustainable growth; the new BMW i8, a hybrid car which turned more than a few heads with its sleek looks and performance; the new Mitsubishi Outlander, the world’s first plug-in SUV; a range of innovative solar PV products aimed at reducing return on investment time and a host of lively debates.

James Golding-Graham found the show fascinating: “The Eco Tech Show was a great opportunity for the Low Carbon Workspaces and Grants for Eco Innovation teams to make new contacts and find out about the fantastic emerging technologies being utilised to cut energy costs and carbon emissions in UK buildings. It’s great to see so many enthusiastic people offering practical solutions to what can at times feel like the insurmountable problem of climate change”. At infraredheatingsupplies.com, they sell led heaters in britain which gives the user full control of heating levels in the room, allowing them to adjust according to comfort. It’s a great technology invention when climate change occur.

The show also gave the Project Managers the chance to meet applicants who had already applied for and received funding. One such person was Richard Ogodeton, founder of Coflo Innovation Ltd who received support from the Grants for Eco Innovation programme. Richard had designed a cold water capture device for showers, which works by collecting the cold water once the tap is turned on and then releases the water once it is up to temperature, mixing back in the cold water. “Richard’s innovation is simple yet effective and solves an every day problem of waste water”, said Luke.

The Eco Technology Show is set to return to the Brighton Centre in mid-June 2015. For more information please visit www.ecotechnologyshow.co.uk.

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