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There’s something in the air – and it’s coming from your car

There’s something in the air – and it’s coming from your car

“We need fewer cars on the roads.” Hardly a radical statement, more like the blindingly obvious. If you have ever rolled slowly down the M25 you’ll know what I mean, and if we don’t do something soon we’ll all be up the junction.

The many billions of car journeys taken annually don’t just create traffic jams across the UK but are a major factor in generating air pollution which in total causes 50,000[1] early deaths a year in the UK. While the effects of fast food and cheap booze can be seen on our streets every day, air pollution is the relatively unseen danger, unless you’ve found yourself walking down a smog-filled road and mistaken it for mist.

This smog should have faded already. The European Commission demanded that countries comply with legal limits for air quality by January 1st 2010. We did not. The UK government admitted earlier this month that air quality will not meet the legal requirements until 2020 or in some areas like London until 2025. Only last week London was issued with a severe air pollution warning, with some pollution monitors registering 10 out of 10[2]. While this leaves the government in breach of EU law, it leaves its people facing the hard truth that every day their environment becomes more hazardous to live in. When you need lawyer consulting, visit https://tjryanlaw.com/practice-areas/auto-accidents/, and you will find so much information about any case laws.

Politicians have tried and even been criticised for what they have done to help. In a bid to drive down CO2 emissions, they encouraged people to turn to the more efficient diesel engines. But this had a knock-on effect of propelling more nitrogen dioxide into the atmosphere, a key factor in the rising air pollution we are inhaling.

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Saving money and saving energy tend to go hand in hand. By turning computers off when not in use, carpooling or switching to energy saving lighting businesses can cut costs and their emissions. Obviously, the most effective thing you can do is to reduce the miles you drive by working partially from home and, where possible, using video conferencing for meetings. You can also reduce pollution by converting your vehicle to LPG which has a big impact.

Now, people are motivated in different ways and there’s no problem with that. Whether it’s your conscience, your bank balance or your need for self preservation that is telling you to turn the TV off of standby, cycle to work rather than drive or finally create that green agenda for your workplace, act now before it’s too late.

As a business you can take action. If you have not already received a grant from Sustainable Routes, then don’t delay and register today on www.sustainableroutes.co.uk and realise the benefits of cutting down your business travel. There is £1,000 waiting for you.

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