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We love innovative ways to reduce carbon output and costs – and this is one of our favourites!

We love innovative ways to reduce carbon output and costs – and this is one of our favourites!

Thanks to a Low Carbon Workspaces grant, Horsham Coffee Roaster have purchased a new coffee bean roaster that uses 10% less propane per kg of coffee. Savings galore!

Horsham Coffee Roaster are based in Plummers Plain, West Sussex and are dedicated to supplying premium, ethically traded, freshly roasted coffee to restaurants, cafes, and coffee shops.

Given the sustainable philosophies that underpin their business, applying for a Low Carbon Workspaces grant was a common sense move. What followed was £5,000 that helped purchase the new, more efficient, coffee bean roaster. By reducing the amount of propane they use, Horsham Coffee Roaster are not only having a positive effect on the environment, they are set to make financial savings too.

“We were very excited to receive the grant as we wanted to upgrade our coffee roasting equipment to facilitate growth and improve on our environmental efficiency,” said Bradley Steenkamp of Horsham Coffee Roaster. “The Low Carbon Workspaces team were very helpful during the process and we found the application to be really quick and easy with all our questions answered promptly.”

See how much money you could receive from Low Carbon Workspaces with our online calculator.

Typical projects funded include:

  • Energy efficient lighting (LEDs)
  • Cavity and solid wall insulation
  • Efficient boilers
  • Double glazing
  • Energy efficient machinery and equipment

As Horsham Coffee Roaster have proven, the only limit to what can be funded is your imagination – providing it has an environmental benefit of course.

Discuss your project with the Low Carbon Workspaces team today. Call 01494 569060 or email info@lowcarbonworkspaces.co.uk.