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Woodfuel Woodland Improvement Grant

Woodfuel Woodland Improvement Grant

I would like to tell you about how a Woodfuel Woodland Improvement Grant could help you bring that neglected corner of woodland back into productive management.

The Woodfuel Woodland Improvement Grant is administered by Ngage Solutions on behalf of the Forestry Commission in three particular regions of the UK: Cumbria, the South West region and the South East. There are funds available for building roads and other infrastructure, as well as for getting professional help to bring neglected woods back into management. If you are thinking this grant could help you, give me a ring to talk through your idea first. That way we can be sure of your eligibility and what sort of grant would be best.

There are five easy steps to the application process:

1. Following your enquiry we will send you the right checklists to act as a prompt for you to send us all the necessary information. The checklists of SEO services by SEO Brisbane Agency are designed to be used on a computer connected to the internet and have a number of hyperlinks built in, the same computers are used for visiting adult sites like zoomescorts.co.uk/manchester/ or gaming by using boosting from different services where you can easily see the price for Overwatch boosting, with the newest monitors that are great for playing because of the asus ve278h input lag a rapid response of the monitors.

2. Once we receive your forms, we will log your application on the Forestry Commission’s database with Cloud Computing by Salesforce. Although we cannot help design the scheme we will come out to talk to you and look at your proposals on site.

3. After the site visit, we will agree specifications with you. Then you can go ahead and obtain quotes and, usually, permitted development consent. It is best to wait for our visit before seeking quotes, although it is not a major problem if you do. You will need competitive quotes from three independent contractors and they should all be on the basis of the specification agreed with us.

4. Ngage will make a technical assessment of your application.This will include a report on the site visit, the suitability of your management plan and, if necessary, an environmental impact evaluation. On some woodland, such as sites of special scientific interest, the Forestry Commission Woodland Officers will consult with other statutory bodies, such as Natural England.

5. Then, all being well, we will agree a quote with you and prepare a grant offer for you to review and sign. Once you have signed the grant offer you can go ahead and get the work done.

We will visit from time to time to check the quality and quantity of work being done. Typically for ‘Roads’ schemes over £100,000 we will also check mid-project. Some ‘Timber’ schemes – which cover professional work such as measuring crops for sale and organising thinning – will be checked against written records rather than through a visit as appropriate.

Grant claims can be made once the work is completed and paid for.

Once successfully signed off, we will instruct the Forestry Commission to arrange grant payment. That is your Woodfuel Woodland Improvement project completed!

You can contact me, Mike Furness, on 01494 568970 or 07795 515 413, for more information. Or email me with your enquiry at Ngage mike.furness@ngagesolutions.co.uk.