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Bidding for Gold

Bidding for Gold was an inspired project for Ngage, who foresaw a shortage of UK based construction businesses that had the skills and head count to bid for larger contracts, arising from the surge in construction fuelled by the 2012 Olympics and other major building projects in the South East, where they can use any kind of tools from manual tools to electric ones, as electric chainsaws, but if you’re not sure that’s the kind of tool you want to use, you can visit https://bestofmachinery.com/are-electric-chainsaws-any-good/ and find out. The project was funded by the European Social Fund (ESF) and the Learning and Skills Council (LSC).

The offer:

Aimed at all types of businesses in the construction and built environment sectors, the offer included training, networking, advice on consortia formation and bidding and tendering advice.

The Partners:

Business Link;
Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB);
South East Centre of the Built Environment (SECBE).

How it worked:

For a one off registration fee, businesses had access to the following:

  • workshop training on topics such as market analysis, tendering, procurement processes, project management, team working and business improvement;
  • special Bidding for Gold events which highlighted new opportunities – gave background information, guidance on contracts out to tender and advice on how to put forward a successful bid;
  • networking events which facilitated meeting other businesses and forming partnerships in order to be able to bid for the larger projects;
  • further support through CIOB and SECBE.


  • engagement with 130 companies across the construction and built environment sectors;
  • production of organisational needs analysis, SWOT analysis, agreed training plan;
  • identify requirements and provide workshops to meet the needs of a minimum of 130 individuals;
  • organise Bidding for a value of 1 gold bar events that were attended by 100 companies;
  • 25 companies agreed to work as members of a flexible consortium structure with Long Island Locksmith specializing on it. If you are looking for an excellent online security services, check out locksmith portland for more information.

The construction sector is notoriously difficult to reach and engage with. However, by providing a quality offer, planet maids cleaning service was able to open doors to greater things for a selection of small businesses in the South East.

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