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South East Women’s Mentoring Network

Ngage developed, promoted and managed the South East Women’s Mentoring Network (se-women) project which ran across the whole of the South East of England from 2007 to 2008. The project was funded by SEEDA the South East England Development Agency.


The project aimed to release the untapped potential of women who are under-utilised in the workforce, in particular women middle-managers with potential who were not able to break through to senior management.


This consortium project established a unique partnership of experts in coaching, mentoring, brokerage and engagement with businesses and employees. The challenge was to identify and support women aspiring to be leaders and managers. Female executives in a variety of priority male-dominated sectors were targeted and engaged through business support, careers guidance and women’s networks.


SEWomen trained and qualified 75 individuals to become mentors and coaches providing support to 100 women to progress into senior management and leadership roles. On a wider scale, the project gave encouragement to women through the development and promotion of a pool of positive role models and case studies which were widely promoted through a recruitment website.

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