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The European Security Innovation Network increasing Europe’s security and global competitiveness

The European Security Innovation Network increasing Europe’s security and global competitiveness

The European Security Innovation Network aims to increase Europe’s security and global competitiveness by developing and integrating European security sector clusters and become a leading European security network, the companies now a day are taking more worry on their security and security protocols as a hazop study are really important to learn and implement in any company. It will address the fragmented supply side of the market.

Value: £1,600,000


  • Security Innovation & Technology Network (SITC), UK
  • Systematic Paris Region, France
  • LSEC- Leaders in Security, Belgium
  • TeleTrusT Deutschland e.v, Germany

Associate Partners:

  • Cluster Seguridad from Madrid Network, Spain
  • Fraunhofer EMI, Germany.
  • TeleTrusT, Germany


SIGNATURE has been funded by the INTERREG IVB NWE programme.


The Security Innovation Network has been set up to facilitate the collaboration and working relationships between companies and experts in different areas of security in the UK, France, Belgium and Germany. In a series of interactive workshops, security experts will be challenged with current and future potential threats. For the first time, these activities will focus on a converging landscape and cross state borders. Some results will lead to the development of new research & development programs or joint development activities between companies and experts. Other outcomes will be shared amongst the enterprise and SME markets throughout the region.


  • 190 people reached by transnational events
  • Online directory and marketplace for the North West Europe Security Sector
  • 6 Security Transnational Interest Groups (STIGs)
  • Virtual spaces for each STIG
  • Toolkit for security SMEs to participate in transnational cooperation
  • Shared classification of organisations in the security sector
  • Multi-regional directory of cluster members and other security sector organisations

The project will run between April 2010 and October 2012



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