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What we do

Ngage creates business support programmes to strengthen local economies. Passionate about economic development, we help SME businesses to become greener, leaner and faster growing through targeted state and private investment. Our projects tackle roadblocks, inspire best practice, support talent and generate growth. 

Who we are

Ngage is a private sector not-for-profit economic development company which delivers targeted programmes of support to businesses across the UK and Europe. In partnership with government, private enterprise, local stakeholders, charities and academia, we deliver grant-funded projects which help local economies to become greener, more prosperous, and resilient.

Our projects lower the barriers to success for new start-ups and established SME businesses, delivering on local priorities to achieve national goals. We seek to add value to the work of Local Enterprise Partnerships and regional Growth Hubs, helping them to turn local economies into life-transforming powerhouses to be proud of.

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Projects we work on

From investing in innovation to developing smarter working practices or providing access to tailored learning programmes, the scope of our projects is vast. What defines them? Our watchwords: sustainability, employment and growth.