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Our Track Record

For 20 years, we’ve succeeded in making local economies greener, more resilient and more prosperous by helping SME businesses to survive and thrive.

Ways we've made a difference

At Ngage, we’re proud of our achievements in helping to build strong and competitive enterprise cultures that fuel growth, generate prosperity and drive job creation. Our business support programmes have measurable impact – lowering the barriers to success for new start-ups and helping more established organisations to take advantage of new opportunities, technologies and greener ways of working.

By providing people with the skills, knowledge and networks they need to succeed and by partnering with public and private sector funders to incentivise transformative investments, we change the reality for businesses at the coal-face. From Cumbria to Cornwall, Buckinghamshire to the Black Country and Portugal to Poland, Ngage is the partner of choice for those organisations looking to deliver on their local growth strategies. So whether you’re a government department, local authority, a Local Enterprise Partnership, Growth Hub or University,  Ngage can work with you to deliver real quantifiable impact.

Projects we work on

While our watchwords are sustainability, employment and growth, the scope of projects we deliver is wide.  A programme may be about; strengthening rural tourism and heritage; inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs to take the plunge and sometimes it’s about helping businesses to make big savings, improve their productivity or reduce their CO2 footprint. Whatever it is, we work closely with our funders and partners to ensure their good intentions deliver real economic impact on the ground.

Have you got something different in mind?

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