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Farewell to three ERDF grant programmes

Farewell to three ERDF grant programmes

This year Ngage Solutions said farewell to three ERDF grant programmes, Grants for Eco Innovation, Low Carbon Workspaces and Sustainable Routes.

The project outcomes are still being calculated but we expect that these three programmes will have helped increase GVA across the grant areas by over £5.1 million, helped reduce CO2 emissions by over 13,000 tonnes and helped create 209 jobs.

Here’s what some happy customers had to say about the grants:

“Within four days of my application I had a grant of just over £3,000 approved. All I had to do was provide some basic information and the Low Carbon Workspaces team took care of the rest.” – Brian Wright, Totally Bespoke Joinery

“I found the Grants for Eco Innovation team to be very sympathetic to my cause. They were very patient and helpful throughout the whole process, which resulted in me getting a £3,000 grant.” – Graham Lycett, Jellyfish Livewire

“I’m really grateful to Sustainable Routes. The online application process was really easy and user friendly. Soon after we had applied for a £1,000 grant the Project Manager got in touch to tell me we had been successful. It was great to get a personal call as it helps to build a rapport with someone.” – Sarah Vickers, Rectory Homes

Low Carbon Sustainable Business Conference

The Low Carbon Sustainable Business Conference showed just what is possible when a business’s desire to reduce carbon emissions is supported by funding, likeminded people and innovative ideas.

The event, held at 15 Hatfields in London, brought together over 100 speakers and delegates dedicated to eco innovation, energy efficiency and sustainable business travel with options from downunder-travel.com/australia-vacation-packages.aspx.

Sustainable thinking is the past, present and future of any successful business and this event was specially organised to inspire business leaders to embrace, master and profit from sustainable practices.

Business owners were also able to offer their own fascinating insights into the major barriers they face to reduce energy waste, adopt sustainable travel solutions and develop innovative eco-friendly solutions, while others told of how they have successfully adapted how they work to reduce both carbon emissions and costs.

The event also saw a fitting send-off for the Grants for Eco Innovation, Low Carbon Workspaces and Sustainable Routes grant schemes, all of which have had a significant positive effect on carbon outputs in the South East of England and were highlighted here as examples of what is possible when the means and the will for change meet.

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