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Grants for Eco Innovation – up to £3,000 to help your innovation “take off”!

Grants for Eco Innovation – up to £3,000 to help your innovation “take off”!

Organisations based in the South East of England that have a product, service or process ready to launch or that is already in the market, can apply to the Grants for Eco Innovation programme for up to £3,000 to help promote it.

The programme is designed to help businesses push their innovations into the wider market, and help them grow. Grants for Eco Innovation, Project Manager Luke Faulkner elaborates,

“Grants for Eco Innovation integrates well with existing business support programmes, of which the majority are aimed at businesses developing a concept, researching an idea, or building a prototype. Grants for Eco Innovation offers support for businesses at the end of these stages, funding activities required when launching a business idea or growing an existing business.”

Since the programme launched in March, the website has generated huge interest with a number of applications being completed. The first grants were awarded in April to Coflo Ltd, and Atamate Ltd, of Sussex, and Oxford respectively. Coflo’s product, developed by Richard Ogodeton, captures and re-cycles cold water, usually wasted when turning on a shower or tap, while waiting for the desired temperature. Richard applied to the programme to help give his product the much needed ‘push to market’, using the grant for a number of activities such as, updating the website to include an online shop,  developing a promotional video, and exhibiting at the Eco Tech show.

”SMEs taking strategic decisions to develop products and services which have carbon reduction as a key development driver are breaking into new markets and showing growth in a slow moving economy,” says Luke. “We’ve seen growth in the low carbon manufacturing sector outstripping almost every other sector of the economy – Grants for Eco Innovation aims to contribute to the substance of this growth, at a time when the UK needs to push forward and establish it’s position as a key player in the global green economy.”

SMEs can find out more, register and apply online. Luke Faulkner explains, “My role is to help businesses through the grant process, and I welcome all enquiries a business may have.”

Speak to the team today to discuss how you could benefit from the programme. Call 01494 568956 or email info@grantsforecoinnovation.co.uk.