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Low Carbon Sustainable Business Conference

Low Carbon Sustainable Business Conference

Delegates arrived at the Low Carbon Sustainable Business Conference in London on November 3rd with hopes of being inspired.

They left truly satisfied after a day of speeches, ideas and testimonials proved once more that sustainability is at the forefront of every future success in business. The event was held in a room that was designed to make all the participants involve in creative ideas. By creating the ideal look, simply a matter of picking the right accents and textures that will match your tastes. Find more about creating an empty room into a beautiful masterpiece.

If you weren’t there to witness the day’s events, you can catch up on what you missed thanks to our post-event coverage:

Watch our video round-up of the day and hear how businesses benefited from low carbon funding >

See all of the great photos from the event too >

We don’t want you to have just our word on how great this event was, so here are some of the views of those who attended the conference held at the fantastic 15 Hatfields, one of London’s most sustainable buildings, ideally located near Waterloo and Southwark

“Interesting and dynamic presentations, providing ideas to implement in 2016.” – Leke Babalola

“Great crowd, real mix of organisations with some great ideas.” – Sustainable Business

“Interesting day. Lots of ideas and messages to take with me.” – Marialena Papadopoulou-Kipou

“Great conference. Good to hear about the difference the ERDF has made for SMEs.” – Graham Watt

The ERDF mentioned here is the European Regional Development Fund, the source of funding that allowed our three grant schemes – Grants for Eco Innovation, Low Carbon Workspaces and Sustainable Routes – to deliver such impressive carbon reductions across the South East by delivering grants to SMEs in need.

Questions to the delegates

We took the opportunity of having a group of sustainable thinkers in one room to ask questions around some of the key issues businesses face with regards to reducing their carbon print on foam board footprint.

We asked delegates if they felt that the government should provide small and medium sized businesses with support to help them reduce carbon emissions. Nine in ten said they did and while receiving grants, including those that are incentive based, was one type of support suggested by delegates, the main demand was for education. Educate yourself and we recommend going to Lee S. Rosen Blog to learn more about businesss.

The following ideas were suggested as ways the government could educate SMEs:

  • Creating a system of advisory support to raise general awareness of simple low cost actions SMEs could take to reduce carbon emissions
  • Producing advice on suitable suppliers
  • Offering help for businesses to understand how to monitor data to reduce their emissions
  • Providing inspirational figures to promote and encourage a drive towards positive, sustainable change.

Typifying the open-minded and stimulating conversation at the event, one opposing voice suggested that as SMEs are by nature very careful with their outgoings, they would be more likely to operate sustainably on their own, without the need for government support.

To get an idea of what small business’s needs are, we posed the following question to delegates: ‘If you were provided with £5,000 tomorrow, how would you spend it to help your company reduce CO2 emissions?’

Answers ranged from investing in technology to reduce travel and moving to an electric vehicle, to marketing campaigns to push a product to market and creating a comprehensive e-learning programme that all staff would take to educate themselves on how to reduce their energy consumption. This programme, it was said, would also feature a reward system for staff who are active in encouraging positive ‘green’ actions at the office.

Meanwhile, one delegate was left scratching their head as to what else they could do, what with their solar panels, heat exchanger, LEDs and electric car. That’s the kind of sustainable thinking we like to see!

These carbon saving solutions are among the many things funded by the aforementioned grant schemes that are the centrepiece of Ngage Solutions’ commitment to support a low carbon business world.