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Time saved? Check. Money saved? Check. Environment helped? Check.

Time saved? Check. Money saved? Check. Environment helped? Check.

This is the blueprint for a Sustainable Routes grant, the aims and outcomes that many businesses have seen since the scheme began.

Let’s look first at the environment. A quick look at previous Sustainable Routes grants shows the environmental impact they have had:

  • A business in Surrey purchased three iPad’s with the help of a grant and saved 3,085kg of CO2 & 8,500 miles on the road thanks to more efficient travel arrangements
  • A Hampshire-based business had a bike shelter installed thanks to a grant, leading to 2,846kg in CO2 & 6,844 miles saved through increased bicycle use
  • 1,140kg of CO2 & 2,500 miles on the road were saved thanks to a grant awarded to a sole trader in Sussex who purchased a mountain bike, mentioned here to replace his car journey to work
  • A business in Kent saved 1,598kg of CO­2 & 4,000 miles thanks to a grant for a bike rack and laptop to encourage cycling into work and remote working

For every mile saved, businesses are also saving time and money.

If we use the example of the company that had a bike rack installed and received a laptop, we can see the grant in action. This grant led to an increase in staff cycling into work, rather than driving in, and the leak detection Tampa FL has reported an increase in staff morale and team bonding as people begin to realise they have a lot in common with their co-workers, namely cycling.

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It is also ensuring a healthier workforce, something that can perhaps only be measured years down the line, but is undoubtedly a huge positive and they can reinforce this by protecting their joints by using joint supplements that can be delivered in the UK so they can exercise in a safe way. They also buy legal steroids uk. The laptop enables staff to work from home when possible, cutting out a car journey, fuel costs and the associated stresses that come with driving to and from work.

And what of the company that received three iPad’s? Well the company in question do a lot of travelling to work sites around the region, some of which are in remote areas. The number of trips back and forth between the office and various work sites was more than they wanted, and that’s where the grant came in. With the iPad’s, they are now able to put orders through and raise invoices from wherever they are, and this has saved them a lot of time and money – to the tune of 8,500 miles on the road and a lot of money in petrol costs.

Time saved? Money saved? Environment helped? If you want to work through that checklist, it starts with a Sustainable Routes grant.

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To find out more contact Sam Hampton, Project Manager of Sustainable Routes at sam.hampton@ngagesolutions.co.uk or 01494 569061.

Photo credit: Ryan Hyde