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What a 12 months it has been for our grant funding schemes!

What a 12 months it has been for our grant funding schemes!

Read the success stories and then see how you could get a grant of your own.

Grants for Eco Innovation

Grants for Eco Innovation (GEI) has committed to over £76,000 of funding for 29 projects to date. So far 13 grants have been paid out at a value of just under £34,000 for a range of projects including building new websites and helping fund access to trade shows in the UK and abroad, such as helping Urban Front exhibit in Denmark.

Project manager Luke Faulkner: “It has been amazing to see the different types of businesses that are focussing on the environment and looking to make a difference. We are seeing our message reach across the South East, helped in part by our successful Focus on Funding events.”

Visit the Grants for Eco Innovation website >

Low Carbon Workspaces

The Low Carbon Workspaces team have approved 36 grants this year and paid on 11 so far at a total project value of over £660,000. Match-funded £5,000 grants have helped businesses install LED lighting, loft insulation and new boilers, leading one business to estimate they will save more than 20% a year on energy bills as a result.

Jim Golding Graham, project manager said: “After a slower than anticipated start, the Low Carbon Workspaces project has really taken off in the latter part of 2014. With nearly 40 businesses receiving approval for funding and the interest growing rapidly, the outlook for the project is fantastic.”

Visit the Low Carbon Workspaces website >

Sustainable Routes

Sustainable Routes handed out its entire allocation of 100 grants in 2014. These grants totalled over £83,000 and helped save 500 tonnes of CO2 emissions. Projects included providing funding towards laptops for remote working, LPG vehicle conversions and video conferencing equipment to help businesses cut down on unnecessary travel.

“2014 was a fantastic year for Sustainable Routes with over 100 grants paid out,” comments project manager Sam Hampton. “We’ve helped a range of businesses and charities across the South East save money, time and carbon emissions by supporting sustainable travel choices.”

Visit the Sustainable Routes website >

Woodfuel Woodland Improvement Grant

The Woodfuel Woodland Improvement Grant (WIG) team reached an incredible milestone just recently as they passed the £5million mark for grants awarded. Funding for 2014 itself was around £3million with approximately 150 grants awarded.

Mike Furness, project manager, said: “2014 has been a bitter-sweet experience; it is a pity that the Woodfuel Woodland Improvement Grant finishes this year as it has been a very interesting scheme to work with.”

Visit the Woodfuel Woodland Improvement Grant hub page >

Follow the links to each grant scheme’s website to find out what funding could do for your business.

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