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Workforce Skills

Ensuring businesses employ staff with the right skills to help them grow and thrive.

Supporting Sector-Based Training

Skills development is central to creating the conditions for sustained innovation, excellence and growth. From fresh new entrants and apprentices to experienced members of the board, we all need to keep up-to-date to capitalise on new opportunities as they arrive. But because each local economy is different, training priorities vary from place to place. An essential component of Ngage’s work in this area is partnering closely with Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) to ensure Skills programmes line up with the Local Industrial Strategy.

In one area of the country, such as Buckinghamshire that might mean developing programmes that support the space industry, advanced engineering, digital health and creative sectors. In another area, it might mean more of a focus on retail or tourism. The key is to identify and build on from existing strengths, while also supporting the many other sectors that make up our complex business eco-system.

Soft Skills and Young People

General business skills training is equally important to maintaining a highly skilled workforce. Ngage works closely with education providers, charities, universities and businesses to facilitate programmes that can open the doors to opportunity. Train To Gain Leadership And Management helped SME businesses access affordable training and mentoring for their senior managers. Business Leaders provided grants to fund management development for Managing Directors and senior executives; the South East Women’s Mentoring Network identified high potential women and provided the career guidance and support they needed to progress into senior management and leadership roles; The Pulse targeted 100 promising entrepreneurs, teachers and youth workers to create a learning programme around citizenship and enterprise for young people. Grow worked with unemployed adults facing social exclusion through mental health problems to assess their needs and develop packages of training support. We have also supported an Enterprise Advisor Network, Online Careers Hubs and the annual Buckinghamshire Skills Shows.