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Wine producer toasts a low carbon future

Wine producer toasts a low carbon future

Award-winning wine producer, Chafor & Chafor, based in Gawcott, North Buckinghamshire, can expect a rosy, or perhaps a “Rosé”, future of lower energy bills and carbon emissions, thanks to a £2,500 grant from Low Carbon Workplaces.

The producer of English Wines qualified for a £2,500 Low Carbon Workspaces grant to install an off-grid solar PV system with battery storage.  They fitted a 15-panel solar array on their processing building in late Summer 2018, which can deliver up to 4kW of electricity.  In addition, the three batteries can store over 7kWh of unused electricity to power the bottling plant and host events, when the sun isn’t shining.

The solar panels replaced the diesel generator which had previously powered the processing building.  This has resulted in a projected carbon emission saving of over 1 tonne of carbon per year and a cost saving of over £260 annually, which would have been spent on diesel to power the old generator.  This will help to future-proof the business, reducing the need for increasingly expensive fossil fuels and instead using a source of free energy … the sun!

Tim Chafor, Owner of Chafor & Chafor, spoke about the benefits new solar installation and how Low Carbon Workspaces helped :

“The Low Carbon Workspaces grant helped a great deal.  The team were a huge help in application process and were always on hand to answer any questions we had and to help complete the forms.  Since we installed the solar panels they have generated more than enough for our needs.  The batteries have been a great addition, allowing us to use electricity generated during the day when the sun goes down”.

Rowan Wallis, Programme Manager – Low Carbon Workspaces, said:

“This is a great example of a the business taking action to move away from fossil fuel-based energy generation to a renewable source.  Not only will this increase Chafor & Chafor’s environmental credentials, the solar PV system reduce their energy costs too!”.